There’s a lot of information here and we’ve tried to make it as easy to understand as possible. For more information, visit our FAQ page. If you still need help, please contact us at hello@kidskruiser.com. We’re never too busy to answer your questions.

This is how to find the number of miles for your trip and calculate your fare:

Go to MapQuest and enter in your pickup and drop off locations. Note the number of miles for your trip, then come back to this page.

Total Distance (miles) Total Fare
0-3 $15.00
3-6 $20.00
6-8 $25.00

Once your child is registered, our rates are based on the mileage for each trip plus any additional requested services. Unlike traditional taxi services, we do not keep the meter running. Please note our rates are subject to change and quotes are approximate and may differ from the actual mileage. The breakdown is:

  • $30 nonrefundable annual membership fee per family
  • $2.50 per mile for every mile over 8 miles
  • $10 cancellation fee for rides cancelled with less than 24 hours advance notice  
  • that the full fare is charged when the passenger is a “no show” for a scheduled pickup

Additional Services:

  • $5 escort fee (to escort your child in or out of buildings; includes signing in or out)
  • $15 wait time fee (for waits over 10 minutes past scheduled pickup time)
  • $5 short notice fee

Make a reservation for a family-friendly ride to the airport!

Private Airport Transportation:

  • $45 University of Michigan Student Cash Discount Fare
  • $35 Eastern Michigan University Student Cash Discount Fare
  • 24 hours advance reservation required 
  • does not include fees for extra stops, waiting time or excess baggage

Fare Estimates for Private Airport Transportation

Pick up Location                                   One-way trip
Ann Arbor                                                      $50

Ypsilanti                                                         $40

Detroit Metro Airport                       *Add $10 for mandated parking fees

A note about tips:

Like with any taxi service, tips are not included. Show your appreciation to our drivers—especially if they provide extra services—with a standard 15–20% tip. (Tips may be added to your credit card or PayPal payment. We will make sure they are delivered to your driver.)


  • All rides must be prepaid.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • We also accept payments via PayPal.

Use the Pay Now button above to pay your registration fee or fare (if you have made a reservation by phone or text).

“You pay for the service, but having fun in the van is FREE!”
—Kids Kruiser President

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